Playtime: Keep Your Kitten Active and Healthy


The Scratchkabin lets cats exercise their natural instinct to scratch, or their even stronger instinct to relax. They can also rest in the small alcove and the kat-kushions are removable for wash. It costs $99.00.

Cat Toys

You might say that cats need toys. Becker says they need really mental stimulation and food puzzles are a welcome addition to the world of enrichment for pets. Simply put, they're objects designed to make an animal work his body and mind to free the food inside.

The Smart Cat Peek-A-Prize toy box lets you hide toys or food throughout the box, which keeps your cat active and entertained during long days at home. This toy costs $29.99.

Toys that allow you to interact with your cat are wonderful and these include laser pointers, fishing poles and gloves with tiny cat toys dangling from the fingertips. Some toys are interactive without you needing to be there like the Frolicat line that was Marty Becker's best in show at the massive Global Pet Expo trade show a few years ago. With one press of the button a cat will have a ten minute play session. The Frolicat Twitch by Brilliant Pet is $19.95.

Marty Becker also suggests putting a little catnip on any of the toys to give the cat a little reward and keep them active.

Sojos Organic Cat Nip is hand-harvested and dried to preserve its maximum effects on cats. It induces a harmless euphoric state in cats that lasts five to 15 minutes. Cost: $6.95 per 1 oz. tin

All the cats and kittens seen on "Good Morning America" are available for adoption through the Humane Soceity of New York.

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