Excerpt: 'Crazy Sexy Diet' by Kris Carr


The Crazy Sexy Diet is flexible. You'll enjoy healthier cooked food in smaller amounts. The acidic portions of your diet can include some animal products, but once you read how detrimental they can be to your health (and the planet), and how you don't really miss them, you may reconsider.

And remember: Not all vegans are healthy. Even the most ethically conscious people can suffer from eating too many processed or overly acidic foods. French fries, Fritos, white bread and pasta, Pop-Tarts, Kool-Aid, Crisco, and many sugary treats are vegan, but they aren't exactly healthy. I call these misinformed veg-heads "muffin vegetarians." When I eat like a muffin vegetarian, I develop what is known as a "muffin top"—a puffy tube of blubber that hangs over my jeans. These well-meaning souls junk up on crap and excessive amounts of soy, and wonder why they're tired, fat, and sniffly. A vibrant and effective vegan or vegetarian diet means that the majority of your food is real and comes from . . . vegetables! (Duh.)

What you'll learn on the Crazy Sexy Diet

• The healing power of pH and how to eat alkaline foods in the right ratios. • The importance of detoxification. • How to keep your delicate internal ecosystem in balance. • Anti-inflammatory raw foods = real energy. • How juicing can change your life—make juice, not war. • The benefits of going gluten-free. • Why sugar is crack and how low-glycemic choices are a better option. • The painful truth about meat and dairy. • Stinkin' thinkin' and stress create acidity. • Fun should be taken seriously. • How to shake your ass . . • . . . and then place it on the meditation cushion. • How to techno-detox. • The importance of setting boundaries. • Prayer and affirmations rule. • You can do anything you set your mind to.

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