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Switching white pasta for whole wheat pasta doesn't have to aff ect your taste buds, but it will aff ect your blood sugar— for the better. Until recently whole- grain pastas were mostly grainy, gummy, and unappetizing. But these days, delicious good- quality whole wheat pastas are widely available. Don't be fooled by multigrain or fortifi ed varieties, however, which are just mixtures of refi ned grains with added vitamins and minerals. Whole- grain is still the best. Try Barilla whole- grain pasta, which contains whole wheat fl our to help with digestion and whole oats to stabilize blood sugar. I also like 365 Everyday Value Organic Whole Wheat Pasta (from Whole Foods), which is high in fi ber and protein. Remember that all pastas should be cooked al dente, or slightly fi rm— overcooked pasta breaks down more quickly in the body, causing your blood sugar to spike more rapidly. If you prepare your pasta the night before (for pasta salad, for example), be sure to rinse in cold water to stop the cooking pro cess; otherwise, the pasta will continue to cook even after you've placed it in the refrigerator. And remember that pairing your pasta with a protein (such as lean chicken) will curb blood sugar spikes even more.

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