'Live and Let Love': Stories about Finding It, Keeping It and Appreciating It


When I set out to collect stories about love, I was narrowly focused on the Eros brand of love stories; the romance, the passion, the humor, and the redemptions. Not the Shakespearean kind per se, more the Sex and the City kind. However, along the way the collection became so much richer and deeper, thanks to the contributors' willingness and courage to look the topic in the face and then look within themselves to find their strongest examples of it. Each woman in this book has her own love story that is up close and personal. The essays are reflections of joy and suffering from love, and within those layers, there are gems of wisdom and precious self-realizations that need to be shared. They are pictures of vulnerability, wickedly funny, and one hundred percent raw, and they have added to the long narrative of love. In short, the women in this book are truly awe-inspiring. I love each and every one of them.

My journey has taken me from the Bible to the Beatles, Eros to happily ever after, and while I still have a lot to learn on the topic of love, I do know this: It is messy, it is heartbreaking, and God, is it worth it. It is my wish that if you allow the layers, the laughter, and the litter of love to envelop you, then you will not only have loved but you will have truly and fully lived.

APB September 13, 2010

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