Woman Details Being Trapped Inside Wrecked Car for Eight Days


He called Tanya's cell phone. No answer. He called again and, again, she didn't answer. After a few tries, he left a message. He climbed in his truck and started to drive, without really thinking about where he was going. Tom thought to call Tanya's boss at her second job, at the Nordstrom Rack. He found out that Tanya hadn't been scheduled to work the day before, Friday, but that, at the moment, she was late for her shift—and she hadn't called. Tanya's boss, like everyone, knew that Tanya would never miss work and not call in. That's just not her.

Worry flooded his senses. No way would Tanya miss work. If she had, he would have seen her at home! Where could she be?

Finally, Tom realized that Tanya was missing—and that she had already been missing for thirty-six hours. Thirty-six hours! Starting to search for her, Tom knew that this gap in time would be a great disadvantage. Far too much time had passed. Their crazy life had gotten in the way. While they were both working two jobs, she had disappeared from the radar and he had kept on working, assuming that everything was going according to plan.

I am hungry—hungrier than I have ever been. I didn't know a person could be this hungry. I know that it is making me weak. I look at my wrist and see that I am even thinner than I was. I don't understand. I am so healthy, how can I feel so sick? I don't deserve to be this sick, since I am so careful about eating well, choosing organic foods, exercising every day. But I am so tired. I cannot exercise today. I am going to rest. Right after I get a drink of water. That's all I want, a drink of water. My tongue sticks to my cheeks and the roof of my mouth. My lips are cracked and when I try to move them, I feel them rip and bleed.

Tom ended up at home. He ran into the house and darted through every room, searching for her.

"Tanya!" he called. "Tanya? Are you home?" His panic grew. Time started to lose meaning. He jumped back in his truck to drive the routes to her jobs. While driving, he called 911 and asked for the Highway Patrol. They told him that they'd had no reports of Tanya and no accidents that matched her car or name. Tom called all the local hospitals, but no one had seen her. What else could he do? Again, he called 911.

"Bellevue Police Department."

"My wife is missing," Tom choked out.

"Sir," the dispatcher asked, "when was the last time she was seen?"

"Thursday," he swallowed. "She left work at nine in the morning, after her shift."

"Did anyone see her leave?"

"I don't know yet," Tom said. "I'm on my way to her second job, at the Factoria Nordstrom Rack. She's missed her last two shifts there. She hasn't accessed our accounts and all she has is her Nordstrom Visa card. I can't check that one because I'm not on it."

"When you get there, we'll send over an officer to take your statement."

"No problem," Tom said, grateful. "I'll be there in five minutes." After Tom arrived, he only waited about five minutes before a Bellevue police officer found him. Nordstrom personnel escorted them into a room in the security department.

"So," the police officer asked Tom, "when was the last time you heard from your wife?"

"Around ten PM on Wednesday," Tom said. "She called me when she was leaving for work. I was staying at work that night because I had an early morning homeowner walk scheduled and I had to work late to get it ready."

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