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I am not sure what part of the pie is burning before the rest of it gets done. If it is the top of the pie that is getting too dark while the bottom crust is coming out anemic, you might want to switch to a glass pie plate which is a terrific even conductor of heat, better than the classic aluminum pie plate. And it has the added bonus that you can simply lift up a glass pie plate with the pie in it and look at the bottom crust to see if it has properly browned.

How a pie browns also has to do with where you put it in the oven. If you want it to brown evenly all over you should put it on the middle shelf. If you want to make sure the bottom crust gets really brown you should put the pie on the lower shelf. If you put the pie on the upper shelf of the oven the top crust might burn before the bottom crust is properly brown and cooked through.

Lou Fung: What is the procedure for substituting applesauce for oil in baking? Thanks!

Sara's Answer:


I looked back into one of my old "Eating Well" Magazine cookbooks, called "Secrets of Low-Fat Cooking" and what they recommended was using fruit purees such as apple butter, prune puree or mashed bananas to replace three fourths of the fat in quick bread recipes.

Candy Wilke: I want to try your Korean-Style Grilled Flank Steak, but I'd rather not use sugar. Do you think a sugar substitute would work okay?

Sara's Answer:


I think you are referring to the one I demo'ed on GMA a few weeks ago. That recipe actually came from a new book out by Gourmet Magazine, sort of a "best of" called, "Gourmet Weekday."

I think a sugar substitute would work, just start with a little bit though, those substitutes tend to be very sweet and sometimes have an off taste.

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