Transcript: Chris Cuomo Interviews Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: He's saying the right things. So, I-- he's saying the right things. He's-- he wants to focus more on Afghanistan-- compared to Iraq, which is the right strategy at this moment. He wants to reach out to the Muslims, which is again, the right strategy. So he has to deliver, on both these accounts.

CHRIS CUOMO: So he's saying the right things, but you're not sure if he's doing the right things.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: No, no, he must be trying to do the right things. But we need to see them on ground, yes.

CHRIS CUOMO: Why do you think you haven't seen them yet?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: No, I think the troops-- we are-- we are seeing the troops increase in Afghanistan, yes.

CHRIS CUOMO: Now what if he doesn't increase the troops? What if he decides we're going to pursue a different strategy here? We can't have more boots on the ground.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: I need to see that strategy, because there is a talk here that maybe we reduce troops and concentrate in the main cities, all the main cities of Afghanistan. I don't think a military man should ever say that. You hold cities. Who's going to hold the countryside in between? And you're going to isolate the garrisons there, so that they ultimately are-- run there, from there, because they'll be surrounded? What are we talking? There has to be a place. There-- there are linkages. The supply line's already clear. And we have links with outside world, everywhere-- I think. I don't know. I need to understand. What is the strategy?

CHRIS CUOMO: So you're saying--


CHRIS CUOMO: You have to be all in or not at all.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: No, I wouldn't say that. I-- I mean, you're asking me questions that I haven't analyzed the strategy of. You make me the commander of Afghanistan. I'll give you a good strategy.

CHRIS CUOMO: Is that what you would want? (LAUGHTER)

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Well, I have been a fighter always. I don't mind. I don't mind challenges.

CHRIS CUOMO: You know, we were talking about earlier about Nawaz Sharif and your-- depiction of him as a closet Taliban. What is the proof of that? You say he met with Osama bin Laden. Is there a way to show that? Is there proof of these meetings?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: No, I can't-- do that, but there are certainly. There are people who-- who vouch for it, who were present there, who was-- they were on the television. I saw it on the television, on Pakistani television. There was a man who said, "I introduced him. I took him. And he was from ISI. He was a brigadier (?)."

Then-- while the-- the-- Nawaz Sharif supported (UNINTEL), they got an interpreter, who interpreted with the-- you know, (LAUGHTER) Osama bin Laden and Nawaz Sharif. He said yes. I was there, sitting there and interpreting, so I think you can ask him (?).

CHRIS CUOMO: And it was a member of the ISI who had set up the meeting be-- between Osama bin Laden--


CHRIS CUOMO: And Nawaz Sharif.


CHRIS CUOMO: Is that a concern to you, that a member of the ISI was setting up a meeting with Osama bin Laden?

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