Transcript: Chris Cuomo Interviews Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: And also, we should know that your intelligence, your CIA has (UNINTEL) everywhere, and there is total cooperation between ISI and CIA. So how is it that CIA doesn't-- know all this and cannot plug (?) all this? That -- that's not the case. The weapons come from outside, from external sources into Afghanistan.

CHRIS CUOMO: When you say win to win, what would be winning there?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Winning would be once you try to win against al Qaeda and eliminate all foreigners in the area. That is --

CHRIS CUOMO: All foreigners?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: All foreigners. Al Qaeda is all foreigners.

CHRIS CUOMO: But you have said that everyone there carries a weapon, that they live in the mountains, and that you would basically then have to kill everybody, you're saying. (LAUGHTER)

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: No, certainly not. Certainly not. That is the population of Pakistan, and there are people, and we cannot do that. That is the last thing that I will ever say. We have to (UNINTEL) the friendship between al Qaeda. Al Qaeda were -- normally Arabs. Initially, they were Arabs, but then they were joined mainly by Czechians and Uzbeks.

Now with all the operations, I think we are back to mainly they are Arabs. We have to -- they are foreigners, and we have to -- when we have to eliminate them. As I said, there are elements who are married and settled there, so -- so that is the complexity of the situation. But however, we have to eliminate the al Qaeda and that is doable.

CHRIS CUOMO: But what about the Taliban.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: No, Taliban is the other question. Taliban is a more serious question. Taliban are our own population. Taliban are the population of Afghanistan. Now, but all -- all of Paktuns are not Talibans, and that is what we need to differentiate, although with the wrong policies, by not after 9/11, not moving toward the Paktuns, we did alienate the Paktuns and push them towards the Taliban. It is never too late. We need to get back the Paktuns away from Talibans, through a political arrangement, through dealing with them. That's all we need to do, on the Pakistan side.

CHRIS CUOMO: So winning isn't just about the military. Winning is about political remedies --


CHRIS CUOMO: -- economic remedies.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Yes. Yes, absolute -- socio, economic and political.

CHRIS CUOMO: Now just given the history, and you know the history very well, certainly better than I do. The force of troops in Afghanistan has never changed the culture of that country. Why aren't you, as a leader in the region, pushing for the political and the economic first? And not just escalating troops, not just fighting against people who've never been beaten?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Oh, I am seeing simultaneous. I've been saying this since after 9/11. The three part of pol -- military, political, social, economic, and I have been political. This is my term. All Pak -- all Taliban are Paktun, but all Paktuns are not Taliban. I said this maybe back in 2001, or 2002.

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