'Dear GMA' Entry: Are You Our Next Advice Guru?


"Good Morning America" is launching a nationwide search for a 21st century Advice Guru.

This is a full time, on-air position at "GMA." You could sit next to George and Robin and be a part of the "GMA" Team!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be featuring some of your entries on the website.

Check out this one from Megan Hacker of South Lebanon, Ohio.

What's the best advice you have ever given? What was the result?

My cousin was dating a man for the past few years who kept giving her the run-around. He would get close to her and her kids when he felt like he was being the "hero" but then would back away when the acclaim faded. Knowing that the only two people who know what a relationship is like behind closed doors are the two people in the relationship, I was hesitant to give her advice. It's her life and who am I to tell her what to do. So when asked, I asked her a simple question. "Is how you are being treated by him the way you would want Jessica (her daughter) to be treated." Her answer of course was "no" and so I then asked her, "then why is it okay for you?" After that I think things were put into perspective for her. She was able to have the strength to put that relationship behind her after she thought of the example she was setting for her daughter. Sometimes its easier to be strong for someone we love than for ourselves. I was proud of this advice because I didn't tell her what to, even though I wanted to, and she came to the conclusion I was hoping she would get to on her own.

What would you tell his person: "Whenever there is an issue between my mother-in-law and me, my husband refuses to stand up for me. How do I get him to value our relationship more than the one with his mother?

First of all, I don't think you should be trying to get your husband to value you more than his mother. This shouldn't be a competition. There should be enough room in his heart to love both of you, in different ways. A mother and child have a special bond that is unique from that of a husband and wife. If he feels that you are trying to drive a wedge between him and his mother, it may bring up that protective son instinct. Instead, I would try to leave him out of any issues you are having with his mother. You are both adults and should be able to work things out on your own. When it comes to the mother, try your best to see things from her point of view. No matter how old he gets, this is still her baby and you, in a way, have taken him away. Try being forward with her and saying exactly that. That you know it must be hard for her and that you are open to talking about any issues she might have with you, but out of respect for her son, you'd like to be able to work things out without involving him. If she is still being unreasonable, at least your husband will have seen how mature you are being and how much you are trying to have a relationship with his mother. This should do nothing but help him to have more admiration and respect for you.

What would you tell this person: "While cleaning my son's room, I accidentally saw on his Facebook page threatening remarks from his friends. I fear he's being bullied. What should I do?"

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