'Dear GMA' Entry: Are You Our Next Advice Guru?

It didn't stop me the second year because I took a few lessons, but primarily taught myself. I tried out and surprised even myself by winning first place. I earned the respect of my fellow students and my perseverance paid off. As the years went on I went through a lot of dating, a marriage, divorce, and pushed my way into a college that turned me down. I didn't take no for an answer, and they went against policy (denying me acceptance) into entering me that winter session. This is a top university and I was an older student. Needless to say, I received top honors and struggled to get straight A's while going through a divorce and raising my twins. I had lost a child as well. After my divorce I met a man with whom I got engaged three years afterwards. He had a horrible temper, and it ended badly. I however moved on and had to rebuild my self esteem. I thought at this very moment, nothing else can possibly happen. But as life should have it, I discovered I had stage two breast cancer.

Attitude in life is everything, and I smiled though my mastectomy, hysterectomy, and chemotherapy. I was the strength and solid foundation for my twins and many other women of whom I helped through this. My philosophy of maintaining a positive outlook truly paid off. I'm now the dean of a college and work with a diverse group of students that struggle in every day life. I have coached, advised, and nurtured so many people through many different things. It's all in one's perspective. And if you can get people to think about not taking things personally, but to look at solutions rather than problems, this is the key in life's adventures.

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