Dad's Schoolbus Outburst Causes Debate


"My daughter is not going to be hazed and beat up and touched on like what they've done, ok," he said. "This young lady has been bullied since the first day of school," said Sadiki Alexander, Jones' attorney. "This is a new school for her. It was an overwhelming experience. She's currently on suicide watch because of this matter. So we would just ask everyone to reserve judgment."

5th Grade Girl Hangs Herself After Allegedly Being Bullied
Did Bullying Lead to 11-Year-Old's Suicide?

Police are also investigating the alleged bullies; they could face charges of their own.

Confronting the Bystanders

Everyone is a part of bullying, Bradley said on "GMA." Whether you're the current victim, a past victim, the person doing the bullying or a silent bystander, you're still a part of the situation. It's important for parents to talk to kids about their role in these situations.

"It's not so much the bully and the victim we have to look at, it's the bystanders -- where were those other kids watching this go on? Were they enjoying that? Did they think it was funny? Or could they step up and say 'hey man, that's not funny, what's up with you?'"

VIDEO: A special-needs kid is bullied by his classmates on Facebook.
Special-Needs Kid Bullied on Facebook

"We find that when we go after the bystanders and teach them, and they start to speak up, that's when we solve this bullying problem in our schools," Bradley said.

Bradley added that raising this notion of the bystander's responsibility to step up and say something early and often with kids is the best way to tackle bullying problems in schools.

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