'The Dukan Diet': Weight Loss Plan from Dr. Pierre Dukan's Book


It was only then that I reached the Promised Land: genuine, long-lasting, unequivocal success built on four successive phases, each decreasing in intensity, which creates a supportive and clearly signposted path that allows no escape. A short, strict Attack diet that gives lightning results is followed by a Cruise diet and sustained by a Consolidation phase, whose duration is proportionate to the weight lost. Finally, so that the weight you have achieved with such effort remains stable forever, there is a Stabilization phase, which includes a locking measure that is as specific as it is effective: a single day a week devoted to dietary redemption.

This measure is designed to keep the rest of the week in balance, pro-vided it stays by your side, like a loyal guard dog, for the rest of your life.

Finally, with these four successive diet phases, I achieved my first real lasting results. Now I no longer had only a fish to offer, but a whole course on how to fish, a comprehensive program that allows overweight people to be autonomous, lose weight quickly, and keep it off for good, and to do this all by themselves.

I have spent thirty-five years creating this beautiful tool for a limited number of people. Today I want a wider public to be able to access my program.

This program is for those of you who have tried everything, who have lost weight often--too often--and who are looking for a way not just to lose weight, but more important, to maintain those hard-earned results and live comfortably with the body you want and deserve.

So I dedicate this book and this method to all my patients, who have made my life as a doctor so fulfilling, and in particular to the very first of them, the overweight publisher.

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