Ed Smart: Elizabeth Smart Was 'Amazing'; Brian David Mitchell Is 'An Animal'

"He said how much he needed me to have sex with him right then and there, and that Wanda would never know, she would understand and she would be OK, and it would be OK," said Smart, who testified that she had refused him sex.

Asked by U.S. attorney for Utah Brett Tolman how it felt to say "no" to Mitchell, she responded, 'wonderful."

Smart also said that Mitchell had attempted to break into the home of another family who he knew had a young daughter, but he stopped after entering the home and hearing a man snoring.

According to Smart, there was a week-long period when she was away from Mitchell after he got arrested for breaking into a church in San Diego. She did not explain, and she wasn't asked why she did not flee during that period.

At another point, Mitchell and Smart came into contact with police at a Salt Lake City library. Smart testified that Mitchell had told the officers that she was wearing a face-covering burka for religious reasons and could not remove it when they asked her to do so.

Throughout her captivity, Smart said she was consistently given alcohol and drugs by Mitchell and was shown pornography.

Asked by Tolman to describe Mitchell in a few words, Smart responded, "evil, wicked, manipulative, sneaky, selfish, greedy, not spiritual, not religious and not close to God."

Elizabeth Smart Recalls Night of Kidnapping

Smart was 14 when she was taken from her home at knife point. In court, Smart recalled the details of the night she was taken from her bedroom.

"A man broke into my house and held me at knife point and kidnapped me," said Smart.

According to Smart, Mitchell whispered to her to stay quiet and said that if she disobeyed he would kill her and her family.

Once they left her house, Smart said Mitchell became worried the police would spot them and forced her to duck underneath a bush when a police car drove past.

In the months following Smart's disappearance, her parents made multiple television appearances, pleading for their daughter's return. Hundreds of people scoured the region hunting for her.

Smart was found nine months later, in March 2003, with Barzee and Mitchell, a self-proclaimed prophet who called himself "Emmanuel" and once had done work at the Smart's home.

Both Barzee and Mitchell have been repeatedly declared mentally incompetent to stand trial for the kidnapping, sexual assault, burglary and conspiracy to commit kidnapping charges.

According to U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball, who determined Smart should be allowed to testify, Smart's inclusion in this latest review was necessary because Mitchell has refused to submit to any psychological evaluations or diagnostic tests, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

For Smart's father, there is no question about Mitchell's competency.

"He is the ultimate manipulator," Ed Smart told "Good Morning America" previously. "He's manipulated the system to the nth degree. He is competent. He is a pedophile and he needs to be brought to trial.

"He hasn't been held accountable yet, and I'm hopeful that this will really bring him to accountability," he said.

Elizabeth Smart Moving On but Still Remembers

Last year, Elizabeth Smart told "GMA" that her life was "great," but that she still feared her alleged kidnappers.

"I think that if they were to be released, I think they would come back and they would try to come back after me," she said. "And I don't think ... that any child or any human should ever be in danger of having that happen again."

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