Exclusive: Man Behind the Van der Sloot Tapes


Investigation Re-Opened

If van der Sloot's own words are to be believed — his fears about the body being found, and his calling a "really good friend" instead of an ambulance — then his story raises questions about the identity of his friend with the boat, Daury, and the possibility of that pay phone call.

ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas caught up with Daury Rodriguez, a 21-year-old Aruban man and longtime friend of van der Sloot's, in Aruba last week. Rodriguez denied that van der Sloot had called him or that he was with van der Sloot on the beach the night Holloway disappeared.

"So when Joran Van der Sloot said he had a friend, named Daury, who was here on the beach on May 29 2005, it wasn't you," Vargas asked him.

"No," Rodriguez replied. He also told Vargas that van der Sloot apologized and said he lied in an online conversation.

Today van der Sloot's family is reportedly concerned for his mental state, fearing that he may try to commit suicide.

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