How Single Are You?


The industry around "coupledom" makes it even worse. Does every kiss really begin with Kay? Most commercials, save for weight-loss ones, feature couples gazing into each other's eyes, further underlining the need for me to get off my duff and dive back into a relationship. Even if it's a bad one.

Websites offering to hook me up have somehow infiltrated my e-mail box. Every morning I wake up to an inbox of at least three offshore marriage proposals and 10 suggested matches, many who look like they could be Jeffrey Dahmer's brothers. Next.

Seriously? Matchmaking sites are now more prevalent than porn sites. Not that I keep a running tally of those, but I'm just saying.

Sure, being married definitely has its perks. From what I hear, mostly in the area of taxes.

So, single folks, listen up. Take your time, find the right person for you. And don't let the pressure from friends, family, advertisers and sexy exes thrust you back into the game before you're ready. It's really about having a quality relationship with yourself first. Mr. or Ms. Right will still be there.

Listen, I've been in relationships that were wonderful. Yet I find that I've learned just as much about love, life and laughter as a delightfully single woman.

How long will I remain DS? I'll get back to you on that one. Right now, I've gotta run. My popcorn's ready, the fireplace is cracking, and that Meg Ryan flick on my DVR is not gonna watch itself.

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