Good Morning America's Search for Secret Santa Contest -- OFFICIAL RULES

The Winner will be announced on the air during the broadcast of Tuesday, December 24, 2013. On that same day, 10 (ten) members of the "Good Morning America" studio audience ("Studio Audience") will be selected by the Sponsors as potential game participants ("Potential Audience Player"). The Winner will be asked on the air to select a number between 1 (one) and 10 (ten). The Potential Audience Player holding a card with that same number by the Winner ("Audience Player") will be paired up with the Winner to play a game during that same broadcast. The Audience Player will enter a booth ("Good Morning America's Magic Snowglobe") which contains a wind machine and pieces of paper with different amounts of U.S. Currency written on each piece. The Audience Player will have an allotted amount of time as designated by the Sponsors to grab as many pieces of paper as possible on the air.

If technical difficulties or other production issues prevent the Winner or Audience Player from participating in the on air game, then a Runner-up and/or a replacement Audience Player will be selected to play. Being chosen as a Winner, Finalist, Runner-up, Audience Player or being a member of the Studio Audience does not guarantee participation in the on air game or prizes.


The total amount of U.S. Currency written on the pieces of paper grabbed by the Audience Player during the allotted time will be added up. The Winner and Audience Player will each receive that same total amount in the form of a gift card from a major credit card company or retailer.

The maximum amount that each will receive is a $500.00 gift card from a major credit card company or retailer. The Sponsor will send the participating Winner and Audience Player their individual gift card within 30 (thirty) days of the on air game.

All videotape and live production will be determined at the sole discretion of the Sponsors. The participants in the on air game are not entitled to exchange or transfer the prizes or to obtain cash or other substitutes, but Sponsors, in their sole discretion, may substitute prizes of equal or greater value. Any appearance on Good Morning America is subject to availability. Sponsors are not responsible for cancellation or preemption of show or for other circumstances that make it impractical or impossible to fulfill this element of the prize. The appearance portion of the prize has no approximate retail value and if it becomes impractical or impossible to fulfill this or any element, Sponsors' only obligation will be to provide the remainder of prize, if any.

Federal, state, and local taxes associated with the receipt or use of the prize, if any, are the sole responsibility of the Winner. The Winner and Audience Player must provide a validly completed IRS Form W-9 and any additional paperwork that Sponsors require to the Sponsors prior to receiving the prize. An IRS Form 1099 reflecting the final actual value of any prize valued at $600 or more, if required by law, will be issued to the on air game participants.

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