Jordan Wells Walking Again, One Year After Miracle Survival

Jordan Wells

It was just one year ago that 19-year-old Jordan Wells lay dying in the woods near her hometown of Waldorf, Md.

In September 2008, Wells was a college freshman home for a weekend reunion when she survived a car crash only to endure a medevac helicopter crash on the way to the hospital that killed everyone else on board, including her best friend.

Wells lost one of her legs and in the last year has undergone 24 surgeries to repair a broken cheekbone, nose, eye socket, shoulder blade and the five disks that were dislodged along her spine.

VIDEO: Jordan Wells is fitted with a prosthetic leg after a year of recovering.

Now, thanks to a cutting-edge prosthetic, Wells is back on her feet and said she is "feeling great."

"It feels like a real leg," she said today on "Good Morning America." "I'm just happy to walk."

Reunion Weekend Turns Tragic

On Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008, Wells, then 18, was behind the wheel of her car at 11 p.m., driving on slippery roads with best friend Ashley Younger, 17, in the passenger seat.

"I was driving and it was raining really, really hard that night," Wells told "20/20" earlier this year. "I don't remember how fast I was going, but I sure was saying to Ashley, I was like, 'I'm about to lose control.' And so before I knew it, it was going across the median and it was like bump, bump, bump, and we hit a tree."

Police and ambulances arrived on the scene to find the two girls in hysterics. Wells wanted to tell her parents about the crash but in the confusion, she lost her cell phone. Her parents, Scott and Lynn Wells, had no idea their daughter had been in a car accident.

Ashley Younger reached her mother, Stephanie Younger, on her cell phone, and her parents raced to the scene of the accident, where paramedics were trying to get the girls out of the car and determine the extent of their injuries.

Rescue Helicopter Crash: 'I Remember Us Hitting the Tree'

At 11:45 p.m., a medevac helicopter took off for the 25-mile flight to the emergency room at Prince George's County Hospital with Wells and Younger on board. Pilot Stephan Bunker had received weather information from air traffic control before taking off, but it was raining much harder than he'd been told, and there was dense fog.

"I remember taking off, I remember flying," Jordan Wells told "20/20." "I remember feeling the helicopter trying to land. But [the pilot] said he couldn't land because it was raining too much. And he said, 'We're going to turn around and take you to southern Maryland.' And I think I remember us hitting the first tree and that's when my face hit the side of the helicopter. ... And that's when I blacked out."

The chopper, with the pilot, the medical technicians and the girls on board, crashed into the woods a few miles from Andrews Air Force Base. It smashed into thousands of pieces, the wreckage strewn through the forest.

Emergency personnel began combing the thick woods when the helicopter disappeared from radar, but for two hours, Wells lay helplessly on the ground shivering, surrounded by debris, soaked in fuel and drifting in and out of consciousness.

"I woke up in the woods and it was dark and it took a second to realize what happened," Wells told "20/20." "And I was just in a lot of pain, and I was cold. And then I realized the helicopter had crashed. And I was all alone, not knowing if anyone was going to save me. I was definitely in pain, because I had bones sticking out everywhere."

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