Kathy Freston on Her 'Quantum Wellness Cleanse'

The body is a brilliant and masterful system of healing and rejuvenation; it can often restore itself to perfect health if given half a chance. And the cleanse is part of that push toward restoration. It will give your body a reprieve from old and tired ways so that you can gather your strength and then surge to a higher level of wellness. Why twenty-one days? Because that's about how long it takes for your tastes and cravings to begin responding to healthier and simpler foods. So what you are left with after completion is a whole new and healthier routine, balanced blood sugar and freedom from old addictions. There are so many reasons to do this cleanse. You may be motivated by a desire to trim a few pounds, or you may be doing it to detox from all the things you put in your body that you know are not the healthiest. Personally, I do it at least once a year simply to give myself an opportunity to reboot. We all have routines or habits around food that come to control us, and the cleanse gives us a chance to see these habits with clear eyes. I know that whenever I find myself thinking I "couldn't possibly" give up this or that, I realize just how much I am owned by it. If it's coffee that I think I can't live without, I know it's time to let go of coffee for a while and see what happens. If I've been turning to icecream sundaes to calm my anxiety, then it's ice-cream sundaes that I have to live without, at least for a short time, so I can remember that I am more powerful than the food. Don't we all want to be free and strong and happy, rather than dragged through life by our petty attachments? A cleanse is a great place to start.

You see, the Quantum Wellness Cleanse is not just good for the body; it's also good for the soul. As you read the daily notes and pointers, you will learn how to eat in a humane and compassionate way, and how your choices play out in the environment. After three weeks you can expect to have lost a little bit of weight and have more energy, but most important, you will have found a way to eat that aligns you with your inner values of kindness and integrity. You will most certainly be a whole lot healthier in every respect.

Doing this cleanse is one of the best ways I know to discover any negative emotional material we are covering over with food, so that we can shake it right out of our system. And the beauty of it is that you can take what feels right from this program and leave the rest behind. Once you've done the work, you can add things back in, though many people find that they want to stick with the changes that have so improved the way they look and feel.

Some of the changes you can expect from the 21-Day Quantum Wellness Cleanse are:

more energy
clearer skin and eyes
weight loss
cessation of certain aches, pains, and digestive ailments
release from addictive habits
a profound and deepened awareness of your personal power and the effect you have in the world

Truly, it is a jump-start to a whole new level of living and being.

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