'Groomzillas' Take the Lead in Wedding Planning


Just like the "Bridezillas" you see on TV, men who take charge of their wedding days are not afraid to show their interest, or let their opinions be known.

"There are times that it is embarrassing to be with him," bride-to-be Johnson said of her fiance, Nowling. "Especially at bridal shows when he becomes very vocal. He can be loud. ... And I'm sitting over here going, 'OK,' and turning every shade of red."

Wedding planners like Elder describe the extravagant male requests they've received, from a flaming red Lamborghini in place of a traditional limousine to cigar rolling and bonfires, and even scotch tasting.

Elder said, nonetheless, that from her experiences in planning the biggest day of an engaged couple's lives, the rise of the "groomzilla," is a good thing.

"I'd say embrace the 'zilla' in yourself," she said. "I don't think it's a bad thing. It just means you want what you want, and that's OK."

And sometimes, even for the bride about to walk down the aisle, letting the man have what he wants makes things even better.

"Every wedding needs a man's touch," said Alison Reyes, the bride who was happy to just sit beside her groom, Carlos, on their wedding day, "natural" chairs and all.

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