Don't Lose Your Sexual Self to Motherhood, Says 'Naked Mom' Brooke Burke


Women with even the slightest hint of a survival instinct obviously choose the former. But then what? It's not like there's some Emotional Merry Maids service we can call to dust, vacuum, and hand-polish the chaos away, preferably with a discount coupon for repeat customers. If only we could shovel it all into plastic bags, tie them up neatly, and leave them curbside. Accepting that you can't—no, really, you can't—may feel like a form of surrender, but I promise it's not. It's actually an important victory. Because the chaos is always going to be there, to some degree or another. Blithely ignoring it may be a tempting option, but that's ultimately as effective as the rhythm method in a rabbit hutch. I propose a more calculated approach: Dance through it. It's all about hearing the music, finding your footing, and moving gracefully. You're amazing; the world is a mess. Don't get confused.

Naked Mom

Through my Web site, blogging, tweeting, and good old-fashioned networking in the carpool lane, I've been able to build and tap into an amazing community of regular moms and celebrated experts. We vent, we comfort, we advise, we soul search, we coach, we share, we celebrate, and, when needed, we kick each other in the ass. It's a dynamic, 24/7 dangling conversation, and what I've learned—and continue to learn, every day—both sustains and inspires me. Technology didn't just give me tools, it gave me something of an epiphany: True fulfillment doesn't come from control; it comes from connection.

The Naked Mom explores the three personas that dwell inside us: the Woman, the Mother, the Lover.

The first section focuses on looking good and taking care of yourself. Moms are always too willing to put everyone else first and (falsely) claim that we're perfectly happy to forever be the last one on the totem pole. If you don't take the time to look good and feel good, though, it's all going to backfire on you sooner or later, and you'll become one more resentful statistic in the sad annals of Roadkill Mommies: Steamrollered by Life. We've all seen them, pitied them, and, yes, been them. But a little discipline, a bit of creativity, a lot of common sense, and a designer tote full of Hollywood's best glam tricks can fix that. (Hint: What do my hair and my favorite salad have in common?) So peel yourself off the pavement, already! You don't just deserve better—you deserve your best.

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