Do You Want a Do-Over? 'GMA' Wants to Help Give You a Second Chance!

'GMA' Wants to Hear From You

The Lake Travis High School marching band gets a chance to avoid the tuba pileup.

Are you a viral video star looking for a do-over? Have you been the center of a viral video fail?

If you're famous for making a mistake on camera or having a moment go awry, then this is your chance for a do-over.

If you botched the national anthem at a sporting event or had a giant wave ruin your perfect beach proposal, "Good Morning America" wants to hear from you! "GMA" is giving viral video fails the chance to do it over, but this time even bigger and better. Tell us your story below and upload your video fail. You may be chosen for a special do-over in the middle of Times Square!

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