Missing Persons: How You Can Help

The New York teenager had driven to the South Carolina hotspot aganist the wishes of her mother and was was last seen, captured on surveillance video, leaving the Bluewater Resort where she had been visiting a group of Rochester-area men. She had had a falling out with the friends with whom she'd driven down.

Her mother and boyfriend spent weeks in South Carolina, posting flyers and scouring nightclubs in hopes someone had information.

The group of men she was visiting the night she disappeared were questioned and returned home. No one has been charged in her disappeareance.

"It could range the whole gamut from 'I'm a runaway' to 'I've been abducted and killed,'" said Myrtle Beach Police Capt. David Knipes.

Her friends and family believe Brittanee was snatched.

"I think there was foul play," boyfriend John Greico said. "I do not believe at all that she is a runaway."

CLICK HERE to read more about Brittanee Drexel's disappearance. If you have any information about Brittanee Drexel, contact the Myrtle Beach Police Department at (843) 918-1000.

Robert Wiles

Robert Wiles

Robert Wiles was 26 years old when he disappeared on April 1, 2008 from his family's aviation business at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport outside Tampa.

The FBI says it believes Wiles was kidnapped and agents say they have narrowed their search to one "key suspect," but need more evidence.

"We're looking for a little bit more information,"Special Agent Dave Couvertier told ABCNews.com.

The FBI knows exactly what kind of information it needs, Couvertier said, but agents aren't giving specifics for fear of tipping the suspects off.

"We don't want those who are responsible for his disappearance to know what we know," Couvertier said. "We know that they are still in the area."

Shortly after Wiles vanished, Thomas and Pamela Wiles discovered a ransom note, the contents and location of which the FBI has not released. They began preparations to meet its demands, but communication was never established between them and the kidnappers.

Authorities believe those with information about Wiles' kidnapping had intimate knowledge of the family's business dealings and the family's company, National Flight Services.

CLICK HERE to read more about Robert Wiles' disappearance. If you have any information about Robert Wiles, contact the FBI's Tampa office.

For more information on people missing in America or to offer tips contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children or the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

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