'Psychic Intelligence' by Twins Who Claim They Can Predict the Future


All our lives, we believed there was a philosophy that could help us find answers. We had already tried many different meditation techniques and spiritual practices when our friend Susan invited us to attend a Buddhist meeting. We found ourselves sitting on the floor of someone's small apartment, surrounded by people facing a scroll in a box on the wall and chanting in a language we didn't understand. Their combined voices chanting in total harmony sounded very much like music. But it was the genuine excitement of the people sharing their personal experiences and the benefits they'd received from the practice that impressed us the most. These people had an irrepressible spirit, fueled by their faith that any obstacle could be overcome. Somehow we knew this was the practice that was going to help us. Since that first meeting, Buddhism has empowered us to discover new dimensions of courage, strength, and resilience we never knew we had.

Still, the path that eventually led to our current work has been neither straightforward nor easy. After graduating high school, we studied painting and sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and we received BFA degrees in painting and art education from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, in Philadelphia. Then, after college, we moved to New York City and began our careers as comedic performance artists. We started our own company called Pop Theatrics, and we entertained at events for luminaries such as Bob Hope, Luciano Pavarotti, Jacqueline Onassis, Donald Trump, and Cher, and at the White House for then-president Ronald Reagan and his wife. We even starred in a short film written especially for us that aired on Saturday Night Live. This was a huge honor and definitely one of the highlights of our theatrical career. Every comic dreams of being on SNL, and we got on the show without even auditioning!

After twelve years in New York, we moved to Los Angeles hoping to further our television and film careers as comic actresses. As we honed our stand-up act at the Improv and the Comedy Store in Hollywood, we were also, quietly and deliberately, developing our innate abilities as psychics and mediums. Although we'd been practicing tuning in to our intuition for some time, we became especially interested in psychic work in our twenties. Having spent years battling chronic illness and pain, we instinctively knew that the medications our doctors had been prescribing weren't helping us, and we believed we could use our psychic abilities to discover a more healing path.

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