'Psychic Intelligence' by Twins Who Claim They Can Predict the Future


To get the answers we needed, we began to work with a pendulum (a form of dowsing that's similar to using a Y-shaped stick or rod to find water or metal in the ground). We would hold the pendulum dangling from a string and ask questions with simple yes or no answers, such as whether a particular medicine or therapy would be positive for us, or whether we should take a particular job. Having decided that a yes answer would make the pendulum circle clockwise and a no answer would cause it to circle counterclockwise, we gave ourselves that autosuggestion. To give yourself an autosuggestion, you simply have a clear intention and state out loud the outcome you've decided upon—in this case that the pendulum's circling clockwise would indicate yes, and its circling counterclockwise would indicate no. Early on, we would even take the pendulum to the grocery store and ask it whether or not a particular food would be beneficial to our health. Many years ago, our friends were trying to talk us out of moving to Los Angeles, but when we asked the pendulum if we should move, the answer was a clear yes. California has now been our home for twenty years.

At the same time we were working with the pendulum to figure out how to improve our health, we also worked extensively with alternative therapies, including Chinese medicine, acupuncture, classical homeopathy, various forms of chiropractic, countless special diets, and different types of prayer and meditation. We even went to shamanic healers. In the end, we became our own best diagnosticians, and in the process discovered what would become an important aspect of our life's work, which is medical intuition. Our heightened awareness of illness made us especially sensitive to others' diseases and disorders, and we have been doing medical intuitive work for many years now.

We'd been making predictions for friends and using our psychic abilities for years without really thinking of them as anything special when, one day, we were sitting at a charming little place called The Rose Café in Venice Beach, California, and Linda began spontaneously writing on a napkin. The words seemed to come out of nowhere, and before she knew it she'd filled five napkins with writing. At the time, she really had no idea what was happening, but we later learned she had been in a state that's known as a "conscious trance" and doing channeled or automatic writing. When we returned home, Terry felt compelled to try automatic writing, too. She soon realized that she also had this gift, which ultimately became, and still remains, our primary tool for receiving psychic information about the past, present, and future. Interestingly, Terry's automatic handwriting looks quite different from Linda's. Linda's writing is loopy and embellished with elaborate flourishes and curlicues, very much like a medieval manuscript. Terry's writing is a smaller script, with flat lines and words sometimes joined together. It somewhat resembles an earthquake seismogram. Neither of these writing styles bears much resemblance to our normal writing.

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