Advice Guru Liz Pryor: Ending a Dead-End Relationship


Knowing When to Move On

How do you know if ending the relationship is the right thing to do?

Take a day to go somewhere and be by yourself. Go over everything in your mind. Take yourself from the beginning when there was greatness, all the way to where it has landed.

Look at the red flags, the yellow flags and the reality of where you are. Leave nothing unseen, admit it all to yourself, and most likely, you'll make the choice you knew you were going to make when you first sat down.

If there is one thing that never lies, it is our intuition. Questioning your intuition is like playing with fire. Don't do it. Listen to it, and make your move.

The unfortunate news is that there is no easy out of a relationship.

We can't pawn it off, buy it off, step on it or ask someone to end it for us.

The burden of leaving a relationship is entirely on us. We can reach out and look around and ponder and discuss, but in the end, we have to belly up, say the words and live through the process.

It's seldom easy, but finding what makes us the most happy in life is not known to be easy.

Most importantly, we want to learn to push and stretch ourselves in ways we'd rather not. When we find the courage to actually do it, we're so often shocked at the doors it opens and the peace it brings.

After the drudge, the change and the discomfort, there awaits the prize, peace and freedom.

So, if you're waiting for nothing, living in the confusion or hoping you'll wake up one morning and feel differently, take a moment to make the decision you know you need to make.

Moving on is simple. What it leaves behind is what is difficult.

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