GMA Anchors Recall Peter Jennings

"Good Morning America" anchors spoke about their friend and colleague, Peter Jennings, during today's broadcast.

"Good Morning America" co-anchor Diane Sawyer: When I first arrived here at ABC and walked in, and he was on a special report about the Middle East, and he told the cameraman to turn around because, he said, "I know that if you go two streets over, there's a cafe there. And look behind that cafe and there's a park and the trees are there." And I'm thinking, "I am so out of my league. I've got to leave immediately." It's customary to say, "He will not come again." Peter Jennings will not come again.

"Good Morning America" co-anchor Charles Gibson: He was our anchor, our mainstay, off the air as well as on. Peter could transform confusion into clarity and make exercise appear effortless. He set standards for us, and he never stopped raising them as he helped audiences understand the major events of our time.

"Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts: Peter saw it all and did it all. What a privilege he was willing to share his lifetime of experience with us. I'm a better journalist because of Peter Jennings.

Roberts was hesitant to cover other stories after reporting on the news of Jennings' death, but remarked, "He would have insisted on us covering the news and, we will."