Straight Guy Challenge to Queer Eye Series

Are most straight men really helpless when it comes to fashion? Do most gay men always know what looks good? Good Morning America tackles these questions and more in its "Straight Guy Challenge to Queer Eye" series.

People have been talking about Queer Eye for the Straight Guy since the TV makeover series debuted on the Bravo cable channel this summer.

Men and women tune in each week to watch five gay guys work their magic to take a straight guy from drab to fab.

But do gay men really always do a better job when it comes to makeovers? Good Morning America will challenge the idea that most straight men are hopeless when it comes to beauty and fashion all this week in its "Straight Guy Challenge to Queer Eye" series.

Two male teams — one straight, one gay — will face off to see who can produce the best makeovers.

The gay team consists of Robert Thomas, Bruce Mason and Desmond Sheehan.

Thomas, a 41-year-old Manhattan resident who owns his own catering company says he is "extremely fashion-forward." Mason, a 30-year-old Brooklyn resident, works in public relations. Sheehan, 33, owns his own hairstyling business.

The straight team is heavy on men who love sports more than shopping. Emilio Savone, Ted Buchanan and Brian Hicks say they don't know Gucci or Pucci, but they say they're ready to win the makeover challenge.

Savone, 25, works in advertising and lives in Manhattan. Savon, who is also an actor who has appeared in off-Broadway shows, says the ladies like his T-shirt and jeans look.

Buchanan, 34, who lives in Brooklyn and owns his own construction company, says he has learned a lot about fashion from his ex-girlfriends.

Hicks, the winner of Good Morning America's "Biggest Football Fan" contest last year, prefers jerseys and jeans over suits, but his wife, Elizabeth, says she trusts him enough to let him make her over.

Elizabeth Hicks will be the first makeover recipient in the challenge. On Monday — day one of the challenge — both teams went shopping for Mrs. Hicks and viewers will get to see the new looks each team chose for her on Good Morning America Wednesday.

Come back Wednesday to vote on which makeover look you think is best.