Excerpt: 'Lessons for Dylan'

When Dylan was nine months old Ena had her first one person show. At Robert Miller, one of the top handful of New York galleries. The New York Times called her work "exceptional." The New Yorker, very impressed, described her delicate images of flowers and fauna as "the last things Ophelia might have seen."

Dylan was learning to walk and to talk. One thing I noticed, when I was able to notice, he didn't have much baby fat. He was long. He was the first person in my family, including second and third cousins and people who died in Pinsk whose pictures I'd seen but whom I'd never met, who could be called "lanky."

Dylan was happy and gurgling. Ena was painting. I was feeling good. Things were going well.

And the witch came back.

Excerpted with permission from Lessons for Dylan by Joel Siegel, Copyright, PublicAffairs, May 2003.

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