Trapped Climber's Amputation 'Rational'

Ralston's parents admitted that when they first heard what their son had done, they were as shocked and horrified as anyone, but then as they considered the situation he was in it made more sense.

"My reaction when I found out he had cut his arm, it was like, oh, my God," Donna Ralston said. "But the more I thought about it, the more rational a decision I realized that was."

Even with their son safely in a hospital bed and doctors confident of his recovery, Donna Ralston said there have still been some anxious moments, even if only in retrospect.

"The scariest comment I've heard was last night when Aron commented that he was to the point of starting to leave directions on how his friends and family should scatter his ashes," she said.

Now his parents say Aron Ralston admits he should have told someone where he was going, but they say he will continue to climb alone.

ABCNEWS' Bill Redeker in Junction City, Colo., contributed to this report.

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