After Accident, Niki Taylor Modeling Again

Niki Taylor, a supermodel whose face graced countless magazine covers, says she is "doing a lot better … feeling a lot stronger," and relaunching her career less than two years after nearly dying in an accident.

In April 2001, Taylor, who was one of the fashion world's biggest stars, was enjoying a night out on the town when a violent car crash shattered both her career and her body. Her injuries included broken vertebrae, massive internal bleeding and a liver split in half.

"I'm just so thankful right now that I have legs and that I have arms, and that God gave me another day to wake up and see my kids," Taylor told ABCNEWS' Charles Gibson early in her recovery.

Her injuries were so severe that she has had more than 40 surgeries.

The worst one was "probably my back," Taylor, now 27, told ABCNEWS' Good Morning America this week. "Waking up after that surgery, I was in so much pain."

Personal Priorities

But it is a blend of personal triumphs and tragedies that seem now to shape Taylor's thinking.

"The death of a loved one is probably a lot harder than what I [went through]," she said.

In 1995, Niki and her younger sister, Krissy, were both strutting their way to superstardom in the modeling world when Krissy died suddenly from a rare heart disorder.

In the face of such devastating loss and hard times, Taylor now finds her happiness with her twin 8-year-old sons, Jake and Hunter, and looks forward to getting her career back on track.

"It's not that busy of a schedule," Taylor said. "But it's getting good. … I am Splenda's new spokesperson, which is a no-calorie sweetener."

No Runway Modeling

Taylor also said she had done some magazine covers and print layouts. But she will not be doing any more runway modeling this time around.

"You have to be, like, a size two, and I'm not a size two," she said. "You have to be really thin to do that stuff."

She would not say what size she is now. But when she takes her sons to McDonald's "at least twice a week," she's laying off the fries.

"That's just recently, because I have to get back to work," she said. "But yes, I eat."

Supermodel? Eat? It's a myth that they don't, she said.

"Of course," she said. "I eat everything."

But what's not a myth, she added, is the beauty and glamour of the fashion industry.

"I meet and work with incredible artists," she said. "I love seeing people in their game, and I love fashion."

ABCNEWS' Charles Gibson contributed to this report.