Science May Pave Way For Designer Babies

"We're basically saying these are the kind of people that we want to have and if you are not like these people you are not worth as much," said Genevieve Wood, a vice president of communications for the Family Research Council.

One doctor who specializes in fertility agreed that the technology brings up a host of ethical issues.

"Embryos are created and then embryos are selected for a specific gender — that's where the ethical dilemma lies," said Dr. James Grifo, of the New York University School of Medicine program for in vitro fertilization. "Once we are selecting against embryos, society is not ready for that and does not want it."

The Fertility Society, which represents reproductive medicine experts, frown on PGD for uses other than detecting disease.

While the couple choosing their baby's gender recognize the controversy, they do not apologize for wanting a guarantee that they will have a baby boy. Plus, they say, not everyone needs to know.

"I think it's OK. I'm doing it, obviously," the woman said. "It's a private matter. Something you don't share with everyone."

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