Books About Sept. 11

Strong of Heart, Thomas Von Essen; Regan Books/Harpers Collins; Synopsis: Life and death in the Fire Department of New York.

Among the Heroes; Jere Longman; Harper Collins; Synopsis: United Flight 93 and the passengers and crew who fought back.

Never Forget, Mitchell Fink and Lois Mathias; Regan Books/Harper Collins. Synopsis: An oral history of Sept. 11.

Firefighting, Jack Gottschalk; DK Publishing. Synopsis: Examines 65 of the world's most compelling fies and their impact on the evolution of firefighting technology, tactics and equipment.

The September 11 Photo Project, Michael Feldschuh; Regan Books/Harper Collins; Synopsis: Compilation of Photographs.

Stepping Through the Ashes; Eugene Richards and Janine Altnongy; Aperture. Synopsis: Personal elegy to those lost in Sept. 11 that focuses on the tragic events as they unfolded; about coping and coming to terms in the aftermath.

After the Terror, Ted Honderich; Edinburgh University Press; Synopsis: Essay stands out as unusual and unusually enlightening and provocative.

Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror, Rohan Gunaratna; Columbia University Press. Synopsis: Based on five years of research, including interviews with its members.

What We Saw, CBS News; Simon & Schuster; Synopsis: Events of Sept. 11 in words, pictures and video.

Heart of a Soldier, James B. Stewart; Simon & Schuster; Synopsis: Story of love, heroism and Sept. 11.

Love, Greg & Lauren; Greg Manning; Bantam Books; Synopsis: Powerful true story of courage, hope and survival.

The Guys, Anne Nelson; Random House; Synopsis: A play soon to be a major motion picture. From the author's experience helping a New York fire captain prepare eulogies for the men in his command who died on 9/11, Nelson distilled this two-person play.

The End of Days, Fundamentalism and the Struggle for the Temple Mount. Gershom Gorenberg, Oxford; Synopsis: The threat of apocalyptic religious violence is happening now, and it's happening everywhere.

Above Hallowed Ground, photographers of the New York City Police Department; Viking Studio; Synopsis: Photographic record of Sept. 11, 2001.

Coping After 9/11 and Beyond; Mary Ellen Chepak, CSW; MEC Publishing; Synopsis: An everyday handbook addressing public concerns over the threat of terrorism.

At Ground Zero, Edited by Chris Bull and Sam Erman; Thunder's Mouth Press; Synopsis: 25 Stories from young reporters who were there.

Forbidden Truth; Jean-Charles Brisard & Guillaume Dasquie; Nation Books; Synopsis: U.S.-Taliban secret oil diplomacy and the failed hunt for Bin Laden.

Firehouse, David Halberstam, Hyperion; Synopsis: We watch the day unfold, the men called to duty, while their families wait anxiously for news of them.

The Cell, John Miller, Michael Stone and Chris Mitchell; Hyperion; Synopsis: Inside the 9/11 plot, and why the FBI and CIA failed to stop it.

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, Gore Vidal; Synopsis: How we got to be so hated.

Al Qaeda: The Terror Network that Threatens the World, Jane Corbin; Nation Books; Synopsis: Classified investigations of the al Qaeda threat now underway at the FBI and CIA have concluded that the war in Afghanistan failed to diminish the threat to the U.S.

American Jihad; Steven Emerson; Free Press; Synopsis: The terrorists living among us.

For Love or Country? Martha C. Nussbaum; Beacon; Synopsis: In a new demoracy, forum on the limits of patriotism

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