Books About Sept. 11

Out of Ground Zero ; Editor: Joan Ockman; Prestel; Synopsis: A series of essays exploring the response of different cities at different times to natural or man-made disasters.

God @ Ground Zero; "Chaplain Ray" Giunta; Integrity; Synopsis: 68 life-changing days digging through rubble, carrying away bodies and most importantly listening to stories and offering hope and comfort to those affected by the tragedy.

Out of the Blue; Richard Bernstein; Times Books; Synopsis: Author tells the compelling story of the people, forces, and events that led to 9/11. Weaving many separate stories into a single vivid and compelling narrative of the heroes, victims, and the perpetrators whose paths intersected on Sept. 11.

My America; Hugh Downs; Scribner; Synopsis: What my country means to me by 150 Americans from all walks of life.

Fallout Juan Gonzalez; The New Press; Synopsis: The environmental consequences of the World Trade Center collapse.

Terrorism and the Constitution David Cole and James X. Dempsey; The New Press; Synopsis: Explains that the increase of federal power even at the expense of civil liberties is both ineffectual and a gross violation of the freedoms this country holds dear.

Understanding September 11; Edited by: Craig Calhoun, Paul Price and Ashley Timmer; The New Press; Synopsis: Aim of providing a more thorough analysis of the range of the domestic issues surrounding the bombings.

Critical Views of September 11; Edited by: Eric Hershberg and Kevin W. Moore; The New Press; Synopsis: Draws together the work of leading intellectuals as they explore what has changed and what has received greater attention in the months since September 11.

Theater of War; Lewis Lapham; The New Press; Synopsis: Shows that recent "imperial behavior" of the U.S. government is perfectly consistent with the practice of past administrations.

Portraits 9/11/01 ; The New York Times Times Books; Synopsis: The collected "portraits of grief" from The New York Times.

To Reach the Clouds Philippe Petit North Point Press; Author re-creates his six-year quest to realize an "impossible" ambition — he rigged a cable between the twin towers to give a high wire perfomance.

Longitudes & Attitudes Thomas L. Friedman; FSG Books; Synopsis: Made up of columns he has published about Sept. 11, as well as a diary of his private experiences and reflections during his reporting on the post-Sept 11 world.

American Ground William Langewiesche; North Point Press; Synopsis: Explains the mechanics of the impact and collapse, from the flight characteristics of the jets to the final persistent fires within the rubble through firsthand exploration.

The Lion's Grave Jon Lee Anderson; Grove Press; Synopsis: Firsthand account of the war in Afghanistan.

A Call to Heroism; Peter H. Gibbon; Atlantic Monthly Press; Synopsis: An inspiring and uplifting meditation on the meaning of heroism in American history and in our society today through anecdotes, examples and thought-provoking analysis.

Scourge; Jonathan B. Tucker; Grove Press; Synopsis: Addresses the growing concerns about the possible proliferation of the deadly smallpox virus to terrorist organizations and frames the issue of smallpox as a biological weapon in a new afterword.

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