Books About Sept. 11

September 11: An Oral History; Dean E. Murphy; Doubleday; Synopsis: Vivid eyewitness accounts by those who worked in and around the Trade Center and at the Pentagon, by rescue workers and the stories of people around the country and abroad who watched events unfold on TV.

The New York Times: A Nation Challenged Edited by: Mitchel Levitas; Scholastic; Synopsis: To help families and classrooms observe the 1st anniversary of 9/11 with age-appropriate news and information.

September 12th: We Knew Everything Would be Alright; 1st grade students of H. Byron Masterson Elementary in Kennett, MI; Scholastic; Synopsis: Picture book showing strength and optimism by children.

The Pledge of Allegiance ; Scholastic; Synopsis: The pledge of allegiance with pictures from across the country.

The Declaration of Independence; Sam Fink; Scholastic; Synopsis: Young readers will learn how our nation was formed in a fun and informative way.

Does Stress Damage the Brain?; J. Douglas Bremner Norton; Synopsis: Consequences of traumatic stress upon the body and mind.

Before & After Stories from New York Edited by: Thomas Beller; Mr. Beller's Neighborhood; Synopsis: series of true stories from NYC like the answers to those questions that occasionally crop up on a crowded street, etc.

Militant Islam Reaches America; Daniel Pipes; Norton; Synopsis: Examines the history and current state of Islam, including its ideological and violent outgrowth, explaining why militant Islam has gone to war with America and what must be done to stop it.

Men of Steel; Karl Koch III; Synopsis: Crown the story of the family that built the WTC.

Social Studies: The United States Scott Foresman; History text book.

The American Nation Davidson & Stoff; Prentice Hall; History text book.

America: Pathways to the President ; Cayton & Perry & Reed & Winkler; Prentice Hall; History text book.

Women at Ground Zero ; Susan Hagen and Mary Carouba; Alpha; 9/11 viewed by the women heroes.

After September 11; journalists of Reuters; Reuters. Synopsis: NY and the world — fresh images and news storeis from the site of the WTC.

September 11: a testimony; Journalists of Reuters; Reuters; Synopsis: Documenting scenes of endurance, resolve, and determination with pics that capture courage and fortitude.

Journalism After September 11; Edited by: Barbie Zelizer and Stuart Allan; Routledge; Synopsis: How American and British journalism responded to the events of Sept. 11 and how the fallout from 9/11 continues to be reflected in the media.

War of Words Sandra Silberstein Routledge; Synopsis: Explore full impact of 9/11 on America's psyche and its carefully constructed self-image.

War Without End ; Dilip Hiro; Routledge; Synopsis: The rise of Islamist terrorism and global response.

The Shade of Swords; M.J. Akbar; Routledge; Synopsis: Jihad and the conflict between Islam & Christianity.

After the World Trade Center: Rethinking NYC Editors: Michael Sorkin and Sharon Zukin; Routledge; Synopsis: Explores the ranges of possibilities as we consider how to rebuild and memorialize.

Long May She Wave ; Kit Hinrichs & Delphine Hirasuna; Ten Speed Press; Synopsis: A graphic history of the American flag.

Let's Roll! Lisa Beamer; Tyndale; Ordinary people, extraordinary courage, the wife of 9-11 hero Todd Beamer.

The Best American Essays; Edited by: Stephen Jay Gould; Houghton Mifflin Company; Synopsis: Essays.

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