Results of Favorite Tom Cruise Kiss Poll

Tom Cruise's lip-lock with Kelly McGillis in the movie Top Gun took the lead in the vote for Cruise's steamiest kiss.

As leading man, Cruise has shared big screen smooches with some of Hollywood's top actresses, including his former wife, Nicole Kidman. But it turns out that his 1986 movie with Kelly McGillis was the most memorable kiss, according to an poll. Good Morning America's Joel Siegel announced the results live on today's show. Here they are:

Top Gun, Cruise and Kelly McGillis: 43 percent

Jerry Maguire, Cruise and Renee Zellweger: 28 percent

Days of Thunder: Cruise and Nicole Kidman: 11 percent

Eyes Wide Shut: Cruise and Nicole Kidman: 10 percent

Vanilla Sky: Cruise and Penelope Cruz, 8 percent

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Top Gun, Tom Cruise & Kelly McGillis, 1986: Charlie (McGillis) and "Maverick" (Cruise), share several steamy kisses when she's not busy with her job as an astrophysicist and when he's not feeling the need for speed in an F-14.

Days of Thunder, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, 1990: As race car driver Cole Trickle (Cruise) wins the heart of Dr. Claire Lewicki (Kidman), more is going on behind the scenes. This movie marks the beginning of the couples' real-life romance, which ended after Cruise filed for a divorce from Kidman earlier this year.

Jerry Maguire 1997: As a sports agent who decides to give up his tough-guy ways, Jerry Maguire (Cruise), wins the heart of a bored accountant single-mom, Dorothy (Renee Zellweger).

Eyes Wide Shut, 1999: Dr. William Harford (Cruise) and his wife, Alice (Kidman) struggle after he finds out about her fantasies and decides to seek out other women. They do manage a few steamy kisses, and more, in between problems.

Vanilla Sky, 2001: Cruise and his real-life girlfriend, Penélope Cruz, star and kiss in this soon-to-be released film. Cruise plays David Aames, a New York City publishing executive who meets and loses the girl of his dreams. Penélope plays a beauty named Sofia Serrano who captures his heart.