A Tribute to George Harrison

In the end, I am truly touched by the fact that while we cared very much for him, he seemed to care for us, too. One of his final public statements was issued just a couple of months ago, as rumors began to spread that he may be near death. "I'm feeling fine," he said, not really denying that he was very sick. And then he said to his fans: "Please don't worry."

And we shouldn't. We should cherish the memories, like I cherish the memory of that first rock concert. Our sadness, in time, will pass. George himself assured us of that, thirty-one years ago: "It's not always going to be this gray," he wrote. "All things must pass, all things must pass away."

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Looking for music by George Harrison? Unfortunately, most of George's output from 1976 and afterwards is not currently available on CD. George owned the rights to the recordings, and was in the process of systematically re-mastering and re-releasing them. Let's hope his family, in time, will continue that project. In the meantime, George was able to finish and re-release "All Things Must Pass," his stellar 1970 album. The new version is excellent, and sounds better than ever. The double-CD "Concert for Bangladesh" is reportedly due out soon. Of the other albums available, "Living in the Material World" has it's charms, but is uneven. When his other albums eventually return to the market, pick up "33 and 1/3rd," "George Harrison," "Cloud Nine," "Best of Dark Horse," and "Traveling Wilburys Vol. One".

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