Michael J. Fox on Parkinson's Battle

"Their potential for life is gone because they're thrown away. So the reasoning is if they can save lives, and improve lives that's research worth looking into," he said.

The Magic’s Out There

In talking about the new movie Atlantis, Fox describes Milo, the character with Fox's voice, as "someone who believes that there's magic out there."

It reminds him of a friend with a similar philosophy.

"There's an expression that a dear friend of mine uses, which she sometimes uses it in a cautionary sense, which is magical thinking," Fox said. "And magical thinking can get you into trouble in the sense of thinking while, you know, one day a cure is going to fall out of the sky, or this is going to happen, or that's going to happen."

"But I think if you put the appropriate amount of weight on each of those two words, on magical and thinking, then you're onto something," Fox said. "I mean, I think we have to think our way to the magic."

Last year, he established the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, which has raised millions for research. Parkinson's is a chronic degenerative neurological disorder that affects about 1 million Americans and impairs the central nervous system, making even simple movements difficult.

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