Halle Berry Weds, Does First Topless Scene

Halle Berry revealed her acting prowess when she won an Emmy and Golden Globe for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, but in the new action movie, Swordfish, she unveils a lot more.

Berry smooches both co-stars, John Travolta and Hugh Jackman, and also appears without her top for the first time on the big screeen.

But it's probably not the last, Berry told ABCNEWS' Good Morning America.

"I'm not on this rampage to take my clothes off, but now I look at parts just because I like the characters," Berry said. "I'm reading everything. And if a character inspires me and she happens to have a love scene, well, OK, then I'm open to it."

Tripping Co-Star

Berry used to toss scripts involving nudity.

"I still want to do things tastefully and I don't want to degrade women or degrade myself — but I'm now open to everything, and that feels good," Berry said. "Once I decided to do it, then it was all a cakewalk."

At the shoot, her male co-star seemed less composed, however.

"The day we shot it, I think Hugh Jackman was more nervous than I was," Berry said. "He was tripping over his feet."

But it was hard for her to make the decision to do the scene.

"And I remember saying to my husband, 'I don't know, should I?'" Berry said.

No Thanks — She’s Taken

That's right, she consulted her husband. Berry, the subject of fantasies for many American males, has slipped off the eligibility list.

She married musician Eric Bonet in an ultra-secret wedding ceremony earlier this year. He helped her resolve the nudity dilemma.

"He said 'you know what Halle, you've been fighting this battle in Hollywood for 10 years with your arms tied behind your back because you've never played that card. That's very much a part of who you are, go for it,'" she said.

Bonet is also a part of who she has become.

Secret Wedding

"He just brings so much joy like I never thought I could have," Berry said. "Not so much happiness. I learned that you have to find happiness within yourself and you have to be comfortable within your own skin. So I don't look to him for that but he just brings me joy, peace of mind and calmness."

Her engagement, elopement plans, and the wedding went off quietly — by design.

"We were determined to make it private and personal and do it our way," she said. "Be selfish, make it about us. So that after it was over, we could look back and remember it fondly and enjoy our moment."

The wedding was small and wonderful, she said, but wouldn't confirm reports that it was held in Malibu.

"It's our little piece of us that we're going to always keep to ourselves," Berry said.

A New Mom

Marrying Bonet brought her more than a husband: she has already wrapped his 9-year-old daughter, India, in a motherly embrace.

"Her mother unfortunately passed away when she was just a baby," Berry said. "So I feel very much like her mother and a sense of responsibility to her and an instant spiritual connection. You know she needed a mother as bad as I needed a daughter. And we are very connected."

She and Bonet also want to have children together, "how ever many I can pump out before I get too old," Berry says.

She may be a siren on screen, but in real life the actress is as likely to wear sweats as she is sexy nightgowns.

"It depends on what day of the week it is," Berry said.