Pete Rose Answers Viewer Questions

You know he has to understand that there's a possibility that I'm human and I can make mistakes like everybody else, I wonder how he'd feel if I was his brother, or if I was his uncle, or his dad. Or I wonder if he's ever had a member of his family that had any kind of addiction or any kind of problem that would be interesting. That's why you should always think before you conclude something.

Question: When you get reinstated (I say when because I believe you deserve it) and get voted into the Hall of Fame, will you go in as a Cincinnati Red or as a Phillie?

Answer: That's a real good question and it's very easy to answer. First of all I have to tell this gentleman that my five years in Philadelphia were wonderful. I had great teammates there … we went to the World Series in '81 and '83, But this gentleman has to understand, and I think he will, that the Cincinnati Reds play in a ballpark named Pete Rose way. I was born in Cincinnati, I played 18 years and six weeks with Cincinnati.

So it's a shame the way it happens today that this guy has to go in as a Red Socks, not as a Phillie … I mean, you go to the Hall of Fame as a player and a player shouldn't have to worry about what hat he has on, but if they're going to make me elect it will be a Cincinnati hat.

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