Viagra Helps Tot With Lung Problems

"When chance was first started on this, when he would get a dose of it, he would have an erection for a short time," Green said. "He gets it every day, three times a day now, so that doesn't happen anymore."

Chance will have to spend a few more months in the hospital, and he will spend time breathing through the ventilator to help his lungs grow. But because of the Viagra, his parents will be able to take him to his home, 100 miles away in Ozark, Ark.

His parents will have crush up the Viagra and give it to Chance through his feeding tube. Children like Chance receive a tiny dose compared to what an adult would take. Pharmacists crush the small blue pills and dilute the medicine in water, which is given to the tots through feeding tubes or orally.

Green said the pills have been used to treat pulmonary high blood pressure, but doctors were hesitant at first to try it on children, because they weren't sure it would work. Now that they see the results, more are trying it.

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