Losses Linger 25 Years After Jonestown

Almost all of the members of the People's Temple had been poisoned, nearly a third of them were children. Those who resisted were forced to take the poison by armed guards. In the end, Stoen's warnings and Ryan's trip didn't help most members of the People's Temple. Stoen ended up losing her son, John, in the massacre and Jones taught the world a lesson about the power a single hypnotic leader can have over his people

Jones was found shot in the head with the bodies of his flock lying around him. It's not clear who fired the shot that killed Jones.

Jonestown Memorial

Minister Jynona Norwood, who lost 27 relatives in the mass suicide, leads today's ceremonies in Oakland.

Norwood is campaigning to build a wall commemorating the victims, saying it's up to the living to speak for the dead.

The mass grave is now only marked by a modest headstone and Norwood says she believes a more substantive memorial should be placed at the burial site.

Norwood and her supporters have a fund-raiser planned in February and are also working on a documentary.

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