Religious Women Discuss the Meaning of Faith

"How can there not be a God when I see the extraordinary beauty that exists in the world?" she said. "Go out into nature to ask God to reveal himself or herself to you."

The important thing, White said, is to not allow anger to prompt one to abandon God.

"It's OK to be angry," said White, who served in the Clinton administration. In Ephesians, it says "'Be angry and sin not.' What he's saying is, in your anger, don't do anything stupid."

White said that she believed that God's shoulders carried all the burdens of life if people would let go and "give it over to God."

"One of the first things God deals with is their humanity before their spirituality," she said. "He says grieve, and there's a five-stage process to grieving, and part of that is be angry. You know, negotiate, bargain, depression. Then you get to a place called acceptance."

Richardson said those who want to strengthen their relationship with God could create a sacred place in their homes, talk to other people of faith, surround themselves with sacred books and pictures, and get in the habit of talking to God every day.

"Remember that we are mind, body and spirit," White said. "We spend a lot of time ... stretching the mind intellectually, certainly working the body. But also take some time for your spirit. Connect in the way that you need to connect and make time for yourself and then you will find God."

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