Why Fathers Kill

In cases where mothers have killed or harmed their children, postpartum depression and other mental illnesses such as Munchausen by proxy — where a mother intentionally harms her child or fabricates their illnesses to draw attention to herself — have been frequently cited. But though the reasons and circumstances surrounding their killings may differ, parents lash out for one essential reason: to regain a level of power and control they believe was taken from them, Brown said.

Still, fathers who kill are much less sympathetic to juries than mothers who kill.

"People think, 'Oh she must have been crazy. She must have been out of her mind to do such a thing'," Brown said. "We'll give a guy the death penalty in a second, but women will come away with lighter sentences, like life in prison."

It is uncertain how long Enwistle's extradition to the United States will take. He is expected to appear before a magistrate in London on Friday and decide whether he will waive or challenge his extradition.

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