Rachael Ray's Favorite Things

TV cook and new talk-show host Rachael Ray recently stopped by "Good Morning America" to tell Diane Sawyer about the five things she couldn't live without for fall.

"The Crush"/Wineries

Wineries across the country have events for "the crush," the annual picking and crushing of grapes. Ray loves the crush, and no matter where you are in the United States, there's a winery close enough to make a little weekend trip of it. Ray brought Sawyer a bottle of wine from her favorite Long Island winery.

Wineglass Coasters

For drinking the wine you buy at the winery, pick up a few wineglass coasters. Ray discovered sandal-shaped coasters that attach to the bottom of wineglasses. You can attach one to your glass, not mess up the tabletop, and always know which glass is yours. Find sandal-shaped coasters at carrieandco.com.

Bento-Box Lunchboxes

Nothing makes school lunch cooler like the bento box-style lunchboxes Ray adores. They contain little Tupperware compartments perfect for storing different snacks and foods. They're the perfect accessory for kids this back-to-school season. They're also great for adults who bring lunch to the office. Pick up yours at lunchboxes.com.

Personalized Stamps

Stamps can be the perfect gift when they come from a place like stamps.com. On the site, you can upload your favorite photo and have it made into a stamp. Ray loves to make stamps with pictures of her dog, Isaboo.

Custom Playing Cards

Like personalized stamps, Ray loves custom playing cards to which you can add any photo. For her wedding, she made up cards with a picture of her and her husband, Jon, and gave them to guests in goodie bags. Create your own cards at tmcards.com.

Find out about more of Ray's favorite things at rachaelrayshow.com.