Bindi Irwin Says G'Day to America


Although some animals are different in the United States, Bindi said that most are the same as the ones she sees in Australia.

"But there's way less kangaroos," she said.

"There's mammals and reptiles wherever you go," Terri Irwin added.

Following her father's death, Bindi has publicly maintained a happy demeanor. When asked how she does it, she replied, "I'm just being myself. … It's so much fun, it's really nice."

Questions From the Audience

Children in the "Good Morning America" audience were encouraged to ask Bindi questions. One child asked about the best piece of advice Bindi's father ever gave her for handling animals.

"If it's out in the wilderness -- like snakes -- leave it alone just look at it; don't touch it," she said.

Bindi called performing in the United States "really cool."

"For Bindi, being on stage has been nice," Terri Irwin said. "Bindi said she had a few butterflies in L.A."

"What does it feel like to have so many kids look up to you?" another child asked.

"It's really nice because people actually like us," Bindi said. "And it's really nice to have people going, 'Hi, hi, hi.'"

Terri said there was another advantage to their status as public figures.

"It's good, too, getting the wildlife message out," she said. "It gives us the opportunity to talk about why animals are so special."

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