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When the alarm went off this morning, I just wanted to roll over and go back to bed -- the wind chill was 14°, and it was dark and snowing. I fell back to sleep but only for a few minutes. When I heard Meredith get up to start to get ready for the 5K, no way was I going to be the one to cancel.

It was cold, trying to run was brutal. During the first mile I was pretty sure I was going to die but by the time it was over I FELT GREAT! I didn't run the whole thing, I used my MP3 player to do timed walking and running intervals, but I finished with my best time ever! We celebrated with one green beer -- it was a great morning.

My weight today is down to 183, that is a 12 pound weight loss since the start of the challenge. If I can do this anyone can do it. The first time I did a 5K, I finished so late they were no longer documenting the times. My face was so red my husband thought he might have to do CPR as I crawled across the finish line. That was April of 2005. One of my sisters mentioned how glad I must be that it was over, and wasn't I glad I would never have to do that again? (You know sisters, they've always got an opinion, and I've got four of them with more then their share of opinions.) She was wrong -- I loved the feeling of accomplishment when I crossed the finish line no matter how long it took. In July of that year I attempted my first half-marathon, even talked my husband into walking it with me. I'd like to say I finished that half-marathon but I didn't. I got a foot cramp at about the 9th mile and I just couldn't keep going.

It was disappointing, but you know what, I had never walked nine miles that fast in my life, so it still was an accomplishment. Ten months later I finished the half-marathon at the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, and it was great. I know there are many almost 50-year-olds sitting at home wanting to get healthy and active again. I used to be that person. We work so hard helping our children and our husbands realize their goals that we put ours on the back burner. I've loved every minute of living life through my kids, but it's time to move on and I have to make sure the body is willing! My only disappointment today was that the average age of the female participants was probably 27. I was a little nervous about embarrassing my daughter but I sucked it up and did my best. When it was over the fat (by the end of this year I'll be able to leave that word out), almost 50-year-old lady was able to sing and do an Irish jig! So don't be afraid to crawl across a finish line, or fall over during a yoga class. If it's something you want to do it will be worth it!

March 15

Today was the Lifeline of Ohio Annual Bowling Outing. I only get a chance to bowl once a year and the outing generally starts out with pizza. This year I substituted a great salad for the pizza, carrots for the salty snacks and water for the soda. My bowling score was over 100 so the healthy eating must have improved my game and I realized that when I'm actively doing something I really don't miss the food!

Unfortunately the rest of my team did not do so well (must have been the pizza and pretzels), and the only thing we won was the coveted bottom half of the donkey trophy. Bowling may only burn 204 calories an hour but it uses muscles that are not used very often.

I have been very innovative making sure I get my chocolate fix without breaking the calorie bank. The top five ways to get enough of the chocolate food group in your diet is:

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