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5. Altoids chocolate mints: 2 mints = 15 calories, added bonus your breath smells better

4. Chocolate meringue mini cookies, one serving is 15 cookies. Yes, I said 15 cookies and only 128 calories. I keep a few of these in a zip lock bag in my purse, it keeps me away from the vending machine at the airport. I have found these at Andersons and Trader Joe's

3. Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate fudge bars, 115 calories, added bonus 5g fiber

2. Light Chocolate Soy Milk (I especially like 8th Continent), added bonus this is really good for you.

The No. 1 way to work chocolate into your diet:

Add a Hersheys's Kiss to your oatmeal in the morning. I'm not kidding, I add 1 dark chocolate Kiss to cinnamon oatmeal -- it's a great way to start the day! Added bonus, looking forward to getting up in the morning.

Week 3

It's hard to believe week three is almost over and I'm staying true to my "fit by 50" plan. I've had several challenges during the last week.

Traveling last Wednesday thru Friday was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Fruit was plentiful at the continental breakfasts and I made good choices for lunch and dinner. I committed to doing the strengthening while traveling, I even went so far as to leave my running shoes at home so I wouldn't be tempted to jump on the treadmill.

I'd like to say my strategy worked unfortunately I found myself in Niketown buying yet another pair of running shoes in order to stay in my comfort zone on the treadmill! I still have not really mastered the strengthening exercises. When things settle down next week I am going to work with the trainer at least four days!

Over the weekend we worked on our cottages at the lake. On Saturday night I had a few glasses of wine with some old friends, and on Sunday we ate Sunday breakfast at the diner. I ORDERED CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES -- I really didn't mean to order them, it just slipped out of my mouth (maybe long term effects of the wine), but boy was it good.

Immediately after consuming the second pancake I was overcome with guilt (notice that didn't happen until I ate the pancakes)! I quickly reverted to my old habits, trying to decide how I was going to make up for eating the pancakes. If the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior expecting different results I definitely am certifiable!

The good news is I stopped myself, I figured out how many calories were in those delicious pancakes. I made good choices the rest of the day and worked really hard painting the cottage.

Come Monday, my results were good, after two weeks of a healthier diet and more exercise I feel better, my clothes are beginning to loosen and the scale tells me I have lost nine pounds! The Saint Patrick's Day 5K is Saturday -- my plan is to run so fast, I'm too tired for any green beer.

I am a list maker so at the beginning of this week I made two lists: what is working and old habits to avoid...trying to kick the insanity.

What Works:

Eating regularly

Obsessively setting aside time to exercise

Spending more money at the market for fresh produce

Focusing on how good I'm looking

Continuing to make good choices after I've given myself a treat

Grocery shopping for work once a week

Old Habits to Avoid:

Skipping breakfast and lunch in order to eat all night

Obsessively making excuses for not having time to exercise

Buying the cheap processed snack foods

Focusing on how much weight I have to lose

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