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As we close in on the 6th week of the challenge, I am getting a little anxious. My weight loss is slowing down, so I am looking to other triggers that mark success. I AM STRONGER. I cannot believe how much the trainer has helped. When I started the challenge I could not do one push up, now I can do 15 on a bad day. I've always walked long distances, but I never went over a pace of about 4, now I can do 1-2 minute intervals at a pace of 5-6! I feel better, almost everyone at the office has been sick with the cold or flu; I have survived the season without a cold. I'm down a size. When I started the challenge I was squeezing into size 14 (probably should have been in a 16). On Tuesday I walked into a department store and tried on a size 12 suit, and IT FIT! My shoe size has dropped by a half size.

Even with all of the above positives I still want to rev up the weight loss, so I am once again committing to logging every morsel of food that goes in my mouth in the Self Diet Club Tool and stepping up my cardio workouts. I'm going to have to work really hard to get my kayak or canoe at the end of the month.

The very best part of the challenge is I feel better about my body, I feel good in my own skin. I like to try on clothes again and I think I look good when I look in the mirror! There is not a piece of candy in the world that can make me feel that good.

Teri's Top Ten Tips

1. At the end of every day think about all of your successes -- how you walked away from a dessert or worked hard at cardio or strengthening, all the things you did today that you were not doing before the challenge.

2. If it goes in your mouth put it on paper! The easiest tool for me is the one located on the Self Web site in the diet club. You document what you eat and the website automatically measures vitamins, minerals, calories and divides fat protein and carbs. It also counts your calories down so you can see how many you have left for the day.

3. Get rid of baggy pants. I just went down a size. I'm used to my pants fitting a little tight so when my pants started to "sag," I found myself eating just a little bit more. Pants that fit a little tight are a great reminder when you've had too much lunch.

4. Vary your workouts; walking or running the same path all the time can get a little boring. We played kickball at a family gathering (I have a large, competitive family) -- it was a great workout. We always have a volleyball net set up for family functions, and for the very brave the trampoline.

5. Invest in a good set of non-stick cookware. I use Calphalon and I don't have to add a lot of grease or oils that add more calories.

6. Go to markets or grocery stores that have good produce -- Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are two of my favorites. It's worth a few dollars more to have a crisp, juicy apple or ripe strawberries in the fridge. Nothing tastes as good as fresh asparagus, and it's a natural diuretic.

7. Have foods in the house that will satisfy a craving without blowing the diet. Chocolate meringues from Trader Joe's help me get through a cookie crave. I have every sugar- fat-free Popsicle, fudge bar, ice cream sandwich ever made stocked in my freezer because I am an ice cream addict and the temptation to drive to Graeter's ice cream store is too much if I can't reach into the freezer and pull something out.

8. GET A TRAINER ... I have reformed. I love the trainer.

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