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Wow, Week 2 is coming to a close. Compared to last week this week went very well. I'm starting to get more familiar with the strength routine. Of course, that doesn't mean that I, in any way, look graceful doing it. I was able to do the strength routine twice this week and the cardio three times as well. I'm proud of the fact that my diet choices were much better this week than last. When you are under stress, the easiest thing to pop in your mouth is usually the most calorically dense such as high calorie desserts or fried foods. I'm excited that next week is SPRING BREAK! Hopefully, I'll be able to really give 110 percent to my diet and my workouts.

This past Wednesday we celebrated the birthdays of two of my co-workers. Of course there was dessert: mini cheesecakes and chocolate eclairs! Is the whole world conspiring against me? I swear those darn things were saying "Eat me." I'm proud to say I resisted the urge. All I could think of was the fact that I wanted to have the seamstress who will do the alterations on my dress look bewildered when I came in for my final dress fitting. Speaking of, the dress should be coming in around the middle of April. I'm having it made by ProNovias in Spain. I hope it doesn't get stuck in customs.

This past weekend, Marco's niece and nephew Clara and Ben came in to visit for a week. We had such a blast even though the weather in Austin wasn't so cooperative. It rained on Sunday so we did indoor things. We went to an Imax movie about sharks -- it's a little embarrassing to admit I had never worn 3-D glasses before. I highly recommend them. After that we headed to the Museum of Natural History on the UT campus, then went to lunch.

Speaking of lunch, I get nervous when faced with going out to eat. There are so many temptations and so many gigantic proportions out in the restaurant world. I immediately scanned the menu for healthy choices and ordered a grilled chicken plate, which came with spinach, hummus, black olives, and just a touch of feta. Yum, Yum, Yum. I will be weighing in tomorrow. My clothes fit a little looser. I wonder what the scale will say.

Day 10

Wow, week 2 of the challenge is here!

Last week was a rough one -- I had a bridesmaid drop out of my wedding, I found out my brother (who is in the military ) and his kids won't be able to attend, and Marco's mom had to be rushed to the hospital.

Needless to say, the Self Challenge saved my life and mind. It's hard to worry about things when you're having to concentrate on doing kicks and punches in kickboxing class.

Last weekend was tough in regards to diet. I indulged in tiramisu (my favorite) on Saturday night. I really do well during the week when everything is structured and I prepare my own lunches for work. I've found that I really need to be on top of my meal plans, especially on the weekend.

Stay tuned for pictures of me doing the Self Challenge exercises.

Day 3

Wow! I've made it through day three and it feels great! I've gotten two workouts out of the way (I love to take group classes at Gold's Gym). So far I'm really loving body combat and bodyjam -- I feel so proud of myself when I leave. Ena my instructor is a "goddess."

Everyone is being supportive including my trainer, Will, who I had my initial meeting with yesterday. I'll be doing strength training 2 times per week and cardio 3 times per week.

Someone once said, "You never say I wish I hadn't worked out today." That is so true. I repeat that to myself when I'm feeling tired and want to go straight home instead of to the gym.

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