'The Morning After'

I happen to like Bullock as an actress. She's very talented, as I said on "GMA," but one or two more like this one and she'll be riding the bus because she has to. I didn't see "Dead Silence," the No. 4 movie. No screenings for critics. But between Chucky, Dummy, Magic and the Great Gabbo there are now officially more movies about ventriloquists' dummies than there are working ventriloquists.

Finally Chris Rock's "I Think I Love My Wife" (which The New York Times loved) died at the box office. If you're curious, catch it soon. About two more weeks and it's gone. Rock wrote, directed, produced and starred in "I Think I Love My Wife," but there was no one to tell him "no" until it was too late. Rock is the funniest guy in the room, maybe the smartest as well, but he needs an editor. We all need an editor. We expect a sweet romantic comedy about a long-married couple who fall back in love. Instead we get a film about sexual obsession, offensive and unfunny. I love Chris Rock. I think "I Think I Love My Wife" was the first thing he's done I hated.

"Premonition": C

"I Think I Love My Wife": C-

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